If I knew then what I know now about food


Life without Heartburn and Indigestion

It took me thirty-two years to realize that everything I had once learned to be true about (western) human diet and lifestyle was utterly and completely INCORRECT and otherwise not working for my human body.  I found myself forever living on a diet, subscribed to a high [animal] protein with low complex carbohydrate way of life, popping over the counter antacid tablets on the daily while yet still struggling regularly with heartburn and the laundry list of all other common aliments associated with indigestion like back pains, body aches, skin issues and energy deficiencies. With a few simple lifestyle tweaks and the acknowledgement of some basic biological and nutritional facts about the human body, I have literally gone from overweight and indigestion to heartburn free and more-than-three clothing sizes smaller now. No joke, or even cheesy sales talk.  My energy levels are high and adequately efficient all throughout the day; I have eliminated those persistent back pains and body aches and my skin has a sort of youthful glow to it.  No diet pills or chemicals; no fad diet; no surgeries and, no doctor bills.  Heck, ¡no health insurance necesario!  Just basic, natural lifestyle practices that anyone like me can practice for themselves.

Help Yourself

If you're ready for a true change in lifestyle with the way you look, the way you feel and even the way you sleep, your health is literally in your hands and in the foods (and beverages) that you consume.