Restoran Jaipur Curry House, my favorite banana leaf restaurant in Kuala Lumpur

A must-try restaurant in Kuala Lumpur for a real, authentic (and vegetarian-friendly) banana leaf experience


Family style setting with happy bodies all around

Whether you’re traveling through Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur (KL) or you’re a local living the Malay life here, Restoran Jaipur Curry House is an essential spot for all that is to good (and banana leaf) eating.  From the moment you step foot through the open doors, the smell of Indian style curry and freshly fluffed biryani rice hits the tip of your nose and makes your mouth water as you're greeted at the front with a nodding smile and waived to your table of choice, feeling extra special before you even sit down or place your order.

Flavor that leaves a memorable taste on your tongue

If you’re anything like me, and opt to (spare the animals, the environment and your health and) eat predominately plant-based, you will be in LOVE with the options for vegetables, grains and legumes available for your noshing pleasure at Restoran Jaipur Curry House.  *And, if you still do eat animal flesh, fret not because yes they do also have plenty of options with dishes full of animal meats (and, from the Google reviews written, they do sound to be loved by all meat eater's, too).  Everything at this curry house is freshly made and served warm upon your individual banana leaf, from the south Indian flavored curries, the dhal, the (vegetarian) biryani, the vegetable dishes, the soups and, even the crispy papadum!  There’s not an item I’ve had there that doesn’t make my tummy SMILE with pure joy and satisfaction.  And, their food does NOT seem to be totally loaded down with MSG, one thing I learned about the hard way after trying a few banana leaf joints in KL.

The service at Restoran Jaipur Curry House is the best, ever

Once you’ve been sat and the food becomes to come out, the real service (that I return) for kicks in.  The team remembers you by face AND your ordering preferences and just brings additional items out for you that they know you specifically like.  Every time I go there (I’ve been in KL for a little over a month now this trip and enjoy myself for foods at Restoran Jaipur Curry House at least 2x per week – I’d go more but, I don’t want to be too overbearing for my favorite food family;) ), I truly love every single moment and accompanying bite at Jaipur Curry House.  Hands down, my all-time favorite banana leaf restaurant that I’ve ever been to.  Plus, I can’t neglect to note that their prices are SUPER cheap for travelers and even AFFORDABLE for locals that are earning ringgits (banana leaf meals starting at less than RM10 per meal here, that’s literally less than $2.50 USD for more food than you can ever imagine;) ).

Location, location, location of this restaurant is great, too!

Situated just a short Grab ride from pretty much anywhere in the city, Jaipur Curry House is located in a nice (Malaysian themed) business lot with a handful of other notable spots nearby that you can visit after your meal for coffee, tea, dessert and, for my fellow digital nomads, free wifi with your laptop like Wood & Steel Coffee, The Grumpy Cyclist, Coffee Creations, Common Man Coffee Roasters, Purradise Cat Cafe, Pirate Coffee, Bus Stop Cafe, Goodness Greens and even the corporate coffee chains, Starbucks and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  Plus, on SUNDAY’s, there’s a local vendor’s market so before to request your next Grab driver and leave the area, walk over and see if you find something you might like to buy (and support some local mom and pop businesses, you know!).

Address of Restoran Jaipur Curry House is, 32, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Petaling Jaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  GET DIRECTIONS → 

Open early and late, for your business and pleasure

Their open hours are 6AM to 9:30PM seven days per week, Monday through Sunday, so you can choose to visit this gem of a curry house as you please but, do note that they begin serving their BANANA LEAF meals starting at 11:30AM daily. 

Hungry, why wait?

Get yourself to Restoran Jaipur Curry House and, tell them Scotty sent you!  Bonus points if you go on Friday and get the special Indian dessert they serve for you ;-)  Enjoy, I know you will!