This smoothie list is bananas, B•A•N•A•N•A•S !! 🍌 🍌🍌

This smoothie list is bananas, B•A•N•A•N•A•S !!  🍌 🍌🍌

Featuring 10 banana based smoothie recipes hand-picked from the Green Blenders' compilation of 73 banana-friendly smoothies

Bananas are nutrition powerhouses

In addition to providing for the perfect texture of any smoothie and supporting those of us on set diets to either lose weight or gain weight, bananas are an excellent source of numerous amounts of healing nutrients like minerals (such as potassium, copper, selenium, magnesium, molybdenum and boron), vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and other phytonutrients.  Bananas are also full of fiber, water and pulp, too, aiding us in suppressing and satisfying our appetites.  And, as Anthony William of Medical Medium alludes to in his book Life-Changing Foods, bananas are one of Nature's gifts for our digestive system, even known to reverse bodily conditions like IBS, Crohn's Disease and Colitis.  Whether eaten raw from the peel, blended up in a smoothie, chopped with your kale or what-have-you, enjoy your bananas and the healing powers they pass along with their pleasurably unique taste and conveniently soothing digestive benefits.

Keep calm and stay cool this summer

Keep calm and stay cool this summer

30 Plant-based foods that you can eat to keep your cool and stay comfy in the summer heat

Cooling foods

Whether you're feeling beach body ready yet or not, the summer like temperatures are beginning to increase for us with record high heat waves on the horizon the coming season.  This summer, you can work to naturally keep your body temperatures as cool as humanly possibly by eating foods that are known to cool the body by hydrating it and flushing heat and toxins from it.  Some of Mother Nature's most popularly known cooling foods are fruits and vegetables but, there are also some good legumes and whole grains that are known to cool the body down, too.