Top 5 Mom's Choice Prenatal Yoga Retreats for 2017


Prepare your body and mind for childbirth with prenatal yoga retreats promoting healthy pregnancies with specific yoga postures, breathing techniques and healing foods to eat


Yoga for expecting mothers

As many pregnant women have come to learn, yoga provides numerous amounts of health benefits for moms-to-be (and their soon-to-be-born-babies) including but not limited to toning of your physical body, posture alignment, balance, breath enhancement, hip flexibility, relaxation, sleep improvement, bodily temperature control and decreases common pregnancy symptoms like headaches, nausea, lower back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Bringing you the very best in prenatal yoga retreats for 2017

With prenatal yoga travels Spain, Malaysia, Jamaica, California and New York


5 Days Motherhood Prenatal Yoga Retreat in New York

Birthlight On Tour

Brooklyn, New York

March 23-27, 2017

from $1,o25 USD


3 Day Prenatal Yoga Retreat Weekend in California

The Expanding Light Retreat

Nevada City, California

October 6-8, 2017

from $310 USD


4 Days Alternative Pregnancy Yoga Retreat in Jamaica

Go Natural

Portland, Jamacia

Available all of October and November, 2017

from $699 USD


6 Days Motherhood Prenatal Yoga Retreat in Spain

Birthlight On Tour

Barcelona, Spain

November 1-6, 2017

from $895 USD


4 Days Prenatal Therapy and Yoga Retreat in Malaysia

The Chateau

Pahang, Malaysia

Available all year round, 2017

from $1,325 USD

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