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Looking for a little help with losing weight?

Hi, my name is Scott Schroeder and I am here to help support you with your weight loss goals. For the majority of my younger years, I was overweight and heading down the path to terminal sickness and disease, trying all of the fad diets on the market but never achieving any real success with any of them. After acknowledging some basic biological facts about the human body and how our digestive system actually works, I was able to make a few simple changes to my lifestyle and take full control of my weight and my health.  As of April 2017, I am over 100lbs lighter in weight and have dropped more than three clothing sizes from my frame while eliminating any and all symptoms of heartburn and indigestion altogether and it is my hope to help others who are currently like I once was battling with diets and the laundry list of health ailments that come with being overweight and having poor digestion. Let's schedule a time to talk to see how I can help you to reach your optimal health and weight loss goals once and for all.   When's good for you?