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If you find yourself struggling with weight loss (and energy levels, sleeping, skin issues, back pains, body aches and mood swings), you are not the only one.  Nowadays, a majority of people are looking for solutions to quickly and easily lose weight but, a majority of the diet plans and fitness routines published by mainstream media sources are not effective nor are they safe for our bodies.  I lived in the mainstream media diet trap for a majority of my younger years, always struggling with my weight (and my health) but have since chosen to ignore the falsities and pay my attention only to the factual truths about human nutrition and digestion.  If you're ready to learn the facts about your body and how to best feed and treat it for optimal weight and overall health, join me in introducing you to the new you.

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For most of us, the goals we have for our health are quite similar (i.e. look our best, feel our best and live free of illness and disease) but each of us does have our own unique goals that we hope to achieve.  And, our goals are meant to be solely defined by us and then achieved by us, on our own terms.  No one diet or workout plan can work for everyone because we each live our own lives in our unique ways and hence need our own plans to live by.  I get this and have previously tried to live by the well marketed, cookie-cutter weight loss plans that consist of broad goals with set rules that are defined by the fad diet plan companies.  Never have I ever achieved any success with any of them, which is why I now choose to live my lifestyle (i.e. diet) on my own terms, with my own defined schedule, meals and fitness routine.  If you know what goals you specifically have for your own health, let me know how I can help you to achieve them. 

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If you're tummy cringes with fear when you hear the word, "diet", you are not the only one.  With the average (fad) diet prescription, what you are instructed to eat usually does not appeal to many stomachs, much less appetites.  After living for years and years and years on bogus diets that forced me to skip out on truly tasty (and also nutritious) foods, I found myself completely frustrated with hunger, malnourished and no smaller in actual weight or size!  After discovering some basic truths about human nutrition and how our digestive system works, I began to eat for my body while I focused on foods that appeased my senses and helped me to naturally shed excess weight.  Save yourself any future diet troubles and let me show you what you can eat while you enjoy hunger-pain-free dieting with delicious meal ideas and recipes catered to your lifestyle and, more importantly, taste buds.    

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Practice makes perfect

If there's one thing harder than sticking to any set fitness program, it's learning what you should actually do to get the most results in as little time as possible.  With so many new (and even ancient) fitness routines out there these days, determining what you should do personally can be quite the daunting task and, then comes building up the motivation and will power to start and stay committed.  Contrary to what your so-called fitness instructors and even certified personal trainers may have led you to believe, fitness does not (and is not meant) to be difficult for you.  Fitness should conveniently align with your body, your current state of health and your own individual lifestyle.  Learn about your body and what you can do to keep fit with personal training and support that's meant specifically for you and your fitness goals.  Getting started is as simple as keeping going when you have insights into your body and how it works.          

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With the many various health resources available these days, each spouting out their own information and otherwise opinions about health and wellness, it can be rather difficult to know who to follow and what to exactly to believe.  I personally used to fall prey to the mainstream "health" publishers and their skewed editorials about what health practices to take on, what diet rules to abide by and what to eat and not to eat.  For years, I read the nonsense published by the same (well-marketed and) popular to the masses health resources, believing what I was fed as true and never thought twice.  That is, until I took up some new natural health resources and realized that everything I had once learned to be true about healthy human nutrition and digestion was utterly and completely false and otherwise not working for me and my human body.  I lived on fad diets and never established any control over my weight or my health in general.  With the natural health knowledge that I learned, I began to apply the basics to my diet and overall lifestyle.  Regardless of who you are and what you may currently believe, natural health practices work for each and every human being just the same -- we just have to open our minds and be willing to try new things to (finally) reach and maintain our health goals. Take a moment to get the proper knowledge that you need to make the right decisions about your health so that you can begin to see actual results that can be measured and felt.  

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When it comes to staying on top of our health, we all benefit from a little help and support to guide us and keep us motivated along the way, some of us more so than others.  I get this and I truly try my best to understand that what works for me may not necessarily work for others, which is why I structure the self-health services that I provide for you individually around your specific wants and needs.  None of us want to feel smothered (nor do we want to feel abandoned), especially when we are trying to be victorious over our own health so I make it my goal to provide you with the support that you need, exactly when you want it and ask for it.  No hassle and no pressure, only your own terms.   Let's get you started with a phone call to discuss your current goals and how I can help to support you.   

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Are you struggling with losing weight and keeping it off?  Do you have poor digestion, with frequent heartburn and acid reflux symptoms?  Do you have irregular bowel movements?  Does your back hurt?  Dose your body ache?  Does your skin breakout on your face, back or arms?  Do you have trouble sleeping?  Do you struggle keeping energy up throughout the day?  Do you experience mood swings?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, I can relate (as I, too, previously suffered from all of the above at one time) and I would love to help you.  Contact me now to discuss how I can help you to take full control of your health and heal your body naturally. 

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Hi, I'm Scott Schroeder, and I am here to help support you with your health and weight loss goals.  As a former victim of the Standard American Diet (SAD), I used to live from meal-to-meal, overweight, unhealthy and suffering from chronic heartburn and indigestion (and the laundry list of other common health ailments that are associated with poor diet and digestion).  Fortunately, I discovered some natural health resources that helped me to learn about my (human) body and how our digestive systems work in terms of basic biology and nutrition.  As of May 2017, I have officially lost over 100lbs in excess weight; my clothes are now 3X smaller in size; and I have completely eliminated all symptoms of heartburn and indigestion altogether.  I know what works for our bodies and I would love to help you to achieve similar health and weight loss goals so that you can live your life at your optimal weight and in the best possible health condition that you can be in.  Let me know when you're ready to talk, I am at your service and available to help you personally.

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