Most Popular Yoga Vacation Retreats for 2018


Yoga, Meditation & Detox Retreat and Vacation packages for 2018 travels from the US to Spain, France, Thailand, Croatia, Indonesia, Greece, Mexico and beyond


Favorite Retreats of the Year

4-Day Yoga, Detox and Self Love Retreat in New Orleans

Available as two separate retreats in June 2018, this four day and three night yoga, detox and self love retreat in New Orleans is just on time with Summer season around the corner.  Learn more ➝

4 Days, 3 Nights

New Orleans, Louisiana

Diaita Yoga

from $1,222


4-Day Hot Yoga and Detox Retreat in Desert Hot Springs, CA

July 17, 2018 - July 20, 2018


Desert Hot Springs, California

from $888


4-Day Hot Yoga and Detox Retreat in Joshua Tree, CA

July 24, 2018 - July 27, 2018


Joshua Tree, California

from $888




Top Picks


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8-Day Lena Tancredi’s Yoga Retreat in Ibiza, Spain at Sunset Mountain 

Sunset Mountain IbizA

All year, 2017

Sunset Mountain Ibiza Yoga Retreat 8 Days Lena Tancredi’s Yoga Retreat in Ibiza with 7 nights of bliss at one of the most beautiful resorts in Ibiza..

4-Day Yoga Retreats in Bali, Indonesia for less than $100 USD 

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14-Day Fitness and Hot Yoga Retreat by the Beach in Thailand → 

Action Point Fitness

All year, 2017

Take it to Thailand this year 2017 for 14 days of fitness and hot yoga retreat with the Thai beach of Phuket Island by your side..

8-Day Yoga and Meditation Trail Retreat Week in Ericeira, Portugal →

Omassim Guesthouse

All year, 2017

Most popular, yogi picked and recommended Vinyasa and Yin Yoga & Meditation Holiday Retreat for 2017 in Ericeira, Portugal..

*Updated February 1, 2018