An apple a day keeps the (bariatrics) doctor away

Examining the anti-obesity and digestive health benefits of apples for weight loss

Whether you're familiar with the old English proverb or not, an apple a day can and does actually help to keep us out of various types of doctor's offices, perhaps most notably, the bariatrics doctor's office.  Research and clinical studies show supporting evidence of apples (red apples specifically) as being effective in preventing, treating and reversing obesity with the help of water-soluble, vacuolar pigments known as anthocyanins (*as well as hints of another phytochemical, malvidin, a type of anthocyanidin).  Red skinned apples have a larger amount of these odorless but yet still flavorful pigments (i.e. anthocyanins), which exhibit anti-obesity properties as well as other compounds that enhance digestive strength and in turn promote weight loss.  In addition to the phytochemicals found in apples, the pectin (a polyscaccaride) contained in apples is a soluble fiber that also acts to aid in digestion while helping to cleanse and rid our colons of toxic, disease causing substances like viruses, mold, yeast and colonies of bacteria like E. coli and C. difficile.  The antiproliferative powers of the pectin in apples works to naturally collect and flush harmful debris from within our colon, making us feel detoxified and lighter, both in terms of flexibility of movement and actual weight on the scale.  These findings surely do shine some light on the true power of our everyday foods and, our beloved juicy red apples certainly possess powerful, healing potential for us.

Apples (and other healthy lifestyle tweaks) for weight loss

As common a food as apples may be these days, they may or not make the grocery shopping list every week but, hopefully with the help of the nutritional facts known about apples, they will begin to be supplemented in to your healthy diet and/or lifestyle.  And, apples are honestly just one of many healing foods that can be used to naturally enhance your health and promote weight loss.  By knowing what is actually healthy for our bodies in terms of nutrition and digestion, we can then conveniently supplement truly delicious foods in to our everyday life while still losing weight and feeling fully satisfied in terms of satiety, energy and overall mental and physical health.  To learn more about other healing foods and ways that you can lose weight naturally, send a message to discuss the sorts of foods that you prefer to eat and what health goals you're looking to achieve.


*Updated May 25, 2017