Yellow watermelon fruit bowl

Fruit bowl made out of watermelon shell and filled with organic yellow watermelon pieces


The Basics

  • Prep time 5 minutes 
  • Servings 2


1 whole yellow watermelon (organic if available)


  1. Slice the yellow watermelon in half, directly down the center (and following the instructions below for each of the two halves)
  2. Using a cutting knife, cut along the edges of the entire watermelon between the watermelon rind and the watermelon
  3. Now going from top-to-bottom then left-to-right, cut through the watermelon to the bottom where the rind starts
  4. Gently spoon out the watermelon pieces and place in container, plate or bowl on the side
  5. Scrape walls with a spoon and remove all remaining watermelon so that just the inner (white-ish colored section of the) rind is showing, creating a watermelon fruit bowl with each half for serving and eating out of
  6. Pour watermelon juice in to a cup for drinking straight or you can save in fridge for consuming later with a smoothie, tea or other juice
  7. Cut the watermelon pieces (that you set aside) into even little cubes and place them even into each half sized watermelon fruit bowl
  8. Serve, and enjoy

To note

Depending on the size of the watermelon that you are using, the serving amount may be more than two (you'll still have just two whole halves to use as fruit bowls but, you can manage to serve more than 2 people by serving from each of the halves individually, using other separate bowls, cups or plates.  And, for a little extra love and nutrition, be sure and eat at least a few watermelon seeds -- we'll discuss the healing health benefits of watermelon seeds on a separate article, stay tuned!

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