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Praises for The Miracle of Fasting: Proven Throughout History for Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Rejuvenation

The Miracle of Fasting: Review

Yet another book that will change (and also likely save) your life, "The Miracle of Fasting: Proven Throughout History for Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Rejuvenation." Lifestyle Extension Specialist and Health Crusader, Dr. Paul Bragg, N.D., Ph.D. and his daughter, Dr. Patricia Bragg, N.D., Ph.D. co-author this masterpiece of a book, explaining the history, basics and fundamental practice of fasting.  From the very first few words of this book, you will feel drawn in and connected to the knowledge that the Bragg duo are sharing with the world. You may have heard the name Bragg before, perhaps from one of their most popular health products on the market, apple cider vinegar. Regardless, this is one family to follow for all that is to self-health and well-being.  Buy the book and read it (then share it with others you love). 

The Miracle of Fasting book description

Fasting Helps You Enjoy a Super-Charged, Healthy, Happy Long Life.
Fasting is the Key to Internal Purification.
Remember that all those inorganic chemicals must be passed out of your body or they can cause great damage. If the body's Vital Force drops too low then it can't force these inorganic chemicals through your eliminative systems. Then they remain in the body and can cause grave health damage in the future!
If we are to get these poisons out of our bodies we must fast. By fasting we give our bodies a physiological rest. This rest builds Vital Force. The more Vital Force we have, the more toxins are going to be eliminated from the body to help keep it clean, pure and healthy.
In our opinion, the greatest discovery by modern man is the method to rejuvenate himself physically, mentally and spiritually by fasting. Man can create a quality of agelessness and with fasting, can prevent premature ageing and a premature death!
The dread of "growing old" and becoming a burden to himself and others is one of man's greatest fears. The fear of becoming sick, senile, helpless and unable to care for one's self is rooted deep in every thinking person's mind. With the complete knowledge of fasting and The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle, as outlined in this book, you can banish all your fears of premature ageing! With a 24 hour complete water fast weekly – setting aside 52 days and four 7 to 10 day fasts a year for body purification –you can keep the toxins removed and flush the rust and crystals from your moveable joints and muscles. You must bear in mind that it is the toxic debris and wastes of metabolism (from the biological process of converting food into living matter and the matter into energy) that bring on many physical ailments and premature ageing.
Fasting – the Key to Super Energy
Fasting is the key which unlocks Mother Nature's storehouse of energy. It reaches every cell in the body, the inner organs and generates the Life Forces. No one can do it for you! It's a personal duty that only you can perform. No one can eat for you. And I believe that 99% of all human suffering is caused by wrong and unnatural eating. The efficiency of any machine depends upon the quality and amount of fuel for generating power it is given. And that goes double for the human machine!
Note: My father and I wrote this book together. However, because my father is both my mentor and the American Pioneer of fasting, with long years of experience overseeing the fasting of thousands of students with miraculous results, this text is mostly presented in his voice.
– Patricia Bragg

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About the author, Patricia Bragg, N.D., Ph.D.

Patricia is a 100% health crusader with a lifetime dedication passion like her father, Paul C. Bragg, world renowned health authority. Patricia has won international fame on her own.  She promotes Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Living & “How-to, Self-Health” Books on radio & TV talk shows throughout the English-speaking world. Patricia and her father, who originated health food stores in America, co-authored The Bragg Health Library of instructive and inspiring books that promote a healthier lifestyle, for a long, healthy, happy life.  See more →