Cherry sweet dreams 🍒

Cherries, an all natural source of melatonin, help to provide a good night sleep for all who eat


Melatonin (mel·a·to·nin)

Melatonin, scientifically known as N-acetyl-5-methoxy tryptamine, is a hormone (produced by our pineal glands) that regulates our sleep and wake cycles.  Our bodies naturally produce melatonin for us but, dependent on our current wake-sleep cycles; the amount of sunlight we take in with each day; and the overall settings of our body's internal system (i.e. circadian and biolgical rhythms), our melatonin levels may not be at their most optimal conditions.  Perhaps one of the most common afflictions resulting from an imbalance in melatonin is difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep at night (and even staying awake throughout the day), otherwise known as insomnia.  Although some research and/or studies claim that one-half of the human population will experience symptoms of insomnia in any one given year, there is truly nothing to fret or even be alarmed about as you can always use natural remedies to increase your melatonin levels and improve your sleeping patterns.  Perhaps the easiest and 100% all natural method for increasing melatonin in our bodies is by utilizing the foods within our medicine cabinet (i.e. fridge) and, towards the top of the list of the foods that we can eat to naturally boost melatonin and create sweet dreams with are, CHERRIES.  So, prepare to fully hit that snooze button and make yourself ready for a good night sleep with this sweet bedtime story about, cherries, one of Mother Nature's (many) natural sources of melatonin.

Say goodnight insomnia and sweet dreams with cherries

In addition to being super quick and easy to ingest, cherries come packed full of melatonin for you.  And, depending on your specific taste buds, you can have your cherries sweet or tart while you eat your melatonin, too (*tart cherries are reportedly higher in melatonin content than sweet ones but if you prefer more sweet than tart, sweet cherries can and will work just as perfectly with providing that melatonin for you).  And, organic is of course always the preferred fruit type of choice to eat but, non-organic will suffice too.  Cherry juice can also be used for ingesting melatonin but, please do mindful to read the nutrition label to ensure that you're buying and getting actual 100% natural juice and not some look-a-like, sugar processed junk laden liquid.  Dried cherries, on the other hand, contain no melatonin so save your bank and your body the trouble with trying to digest dried cherries and just go straight for fresh cherries or fresh cherry juice to get that melatonin boost.