The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about fat

Shining the light on body FAT and it's admirably essential role in our everyday well-being


Taking a blurb from my weight loss eBook (about me losing 20lbs of weight in one week), I highlight body fat, something that a majority of us have been conditioned to not think too fondly of.

Fat is an essential bodily tissue. Fat is found in the limbs and torso regions of the body, just between the skin and the bones. Fat, in its healthy form, makes for healthy bones. Fat functions to provide lubrication for the body, supporting, protecting and preserving our bones. Fat acts as an internal air conditioning and heating system for our bodies, producing sweat as a byproduct to cool us down when our bodies get too hot and expanding to its full capacity to insulate and keep us warm when our bodies get too cold. Fat is a symbol of love and warmth and, without fat, our bodies feel forever cold (and our minds are simultaneously flooded with cold thoughts, cold emotions and cold feelings). Fat is literally necessary for our vitality and fat deserves our utmost love and appreciation for its active support and functionality in our overall health and well-being.

I know I'm not the only one 🎀 

Growing up (overweight) in the US during the latter part of the 2oth Century, I lived my younger years shy of my weight and, fat.  There, I said it, fat.  With all of the propaganda filled imagery (along with the misleading, Hollywood-made movies) displayed, our generation was and still is led to believe that body fat is unhealthy and not to be existent on our frames.  It was (and actually seems still is) six-pack this, flat tummy that, get skinny and the like.  What this type of conditioning did for me was make me feel bad about my body, thinking less highly of my true self because I did not have the so-called fit model 6-pack abs or much less a flat, fat-free stomach.  With this lack of pride in my own body, came shame for showing my body to the world around me, never really wanting to swim with others during the summer months (at least not with my shirt off) and/or reveal my bare stomach out in public.  This lack of confidence in my self of course coincidentally rolled in to other aspects of my life, notably my relationships with the opposite sex and perhaps most importantly, my quest for the meaning and purpose in my life.

Society's (skewed) view

Regardless of what we may have been (and likely for some of us still are being) shown by the media we follow in terms of body fat and health, Fat is actually a necessary bodily tissue and, without Fat, we can never be truly healthy.  Body fat plays such a vital part in every single moment of every single day of each of our lives and it needs to be revered accordingly.  Although it may seem at first difficult to comprehend, we all need to gain a better understanding of body fat so that we can re-think the way we view our body fat (and the body fat of others around us). 

No fat (and no warmth) makes for a cold body (and a cold heart)

Take a moment to consider some of your closest family members or even friends.  Now, consider some of the persons from either group that are a little more on the heavy side (aka fat) and then consider some of your family members and/or friends that are completely skin-and-bones skinny (aka allegedly healthy).  Once you have these two groups of persons divided by size, one group on the heavy side and the other group on the skinny side, think about the dominant personalities within each group.  Does the group with the heavier persons seem more loving, caring, considerate and fun to be around and, more warm-hearted?  And, does the group with the skinnier persons you chose seem a little less loving, caring, considerate and fun to be around and, more cold-hearted compared to the heavier set group?  I would bet so.  You see, without body fat, our bodies are in turn trapped in a state of being forever cold, always looking for warmth while feeling cold, thinking cold and living in a cold manner (thoughts, emotions, cares, et al included). 

Fat is a symbol of love and warmth

In addition to its role and functions as a bodily tissue, fat also plays an important (read crucial) role in our capacity and ability to love and be loved as human beings.  With a healthy, well balanced amount of body fat, we are able to naturally feel a deeper and longer lasting sense of satisfaction (with our appetites for food and drinks; pleasures; and life in general), making for a solid foundation of love.  And, it works on both ends of the spectrum (i.e. too much body fat and too little body fat both reflect an imbalanced and/or unhealthy amount of body fat, resulting in a lack of love and the feeling of satisfaction).    

First things first, start thinking differently

If any of the above hit in any way close to home with you, please do not in any way feel ashamed, it is 100% perfectly and completely fine (literally, considering the way our current society teaches us to believe).  The time for shame is and has to be behind us.  We need to feel forever proud of who we are, this moment and every single moment moving forward.  The next step is to re-think the way you perceive your body fat and the body fat that makes up the bodies of those around you.  Start with your thoughts then, your perception will coincide.

Loving your body, as a whole, fat included

With your mind thinking positively about your body, body fat included, now raise your attention to feelings of love for your entire body.  Whether you are currently in a state of having perhaps too much body fat or too little body fat, it does not matter -- think thoughts of love for your whole entire body so that you can then turn those feelings of love into positive waves of movement for your optimal well-being.  Ignite thoughts of love and fill your entire body and mind with them so that you can use them to naturally spark the change that the love and only the love can drive within you.  Without feelings of love, the battle inside of you will never be won and you will never be able to truly progress.  Love yourself, then begin to care for yourself out of true, unconditional love.

Balancing your body fat

Whether you are currently in a position of having a tad bit too much or too little body fat on your frame, balancing your body fat is not the hardest thing to do.  Honestly.  Furthermore, most of us think that when we diet, we strictly lose fat but, this is actually not the case.  For example, when I first lost 20lbs of weight in 7 days, I lost excess weight that was dispersed throughout my frame not in the form of body fat but actually in the form of masses of (decaying) undigested food particles surrounded by digestive enzymes.  Not once in my weight loss eBook do I say "I lost 20lbs of fat", I specifically claim to have lost 20lbs of weight each time I talk about it -- with emphasis on weight and, not on actual body fat.  Had I lost 20 pounds of fat, I would now be a sad victim of the being forever cold syndrome, scrounging for warmth and flooded with cold thoughts and cold feelings.  Balancing your body fat can be done naturally through the use of set foods, drinks and fitness routines and, it's not rocket science or even top secret information -- it's basic, scientifically factual information about our human bodies and how our digestive system works.  If you find yourself ready to change the way you think about your body fat and want to begin to establish a deep love for your body as a whole, send me a private message to discuss the fastest, most natural way that you can balance your body fat and establish a level of optimal health for your body (and life). 

"This is for everyone who knows what it’s like to struggle with weight loss, heartburn, back pains, skin care, sleep and even mood swings."

-Scott Schroeder, How I Lost 20lbs in 7 Days