Pears, like apples, are also great for losing weight

Full of flavor and packed with phytochemicals, trace minerals and amino acids, pears are one of the world's healthiest foods that you can eat for weight loss


Pears suppress our appetite and prevent overeating

A close kin to the apple, pears are another must-have food to include in your diet.  Pears are known to be high in dietary fiber, offering us that feeling of being full and satisfied with hunger levels to the point that we don't overeat during meals or in between meals either (similar to eating bananas for losing weight).  The sweet flavor that a pear brings satisfies our hunger and/or suppresses our appetite and their electrolyte makeup serves to stabilize our blood sugar, giving us natural boosts in energy without the crash afterward.

Pears promote a healthy digestive system for weight loss

While the dietary fiber contained in pears supports steady digestion for our bodies, pears also offer soothing comfort to the linings of our stomach while providing food for good (i.e. healthy) bacteria; raise levels of hydrochloric acid; eliminate bad (i.e. unhealthy) bacteria, fungus and even parasites; prevent stomach and intestinal cancers; and help to cleanse our liver.  Pears are true super fruits for our digestive system, eat them up to improve your digestion and increase weight loss. 

Shopping for the perfect pear

When it comes to finding (and buying) pears, you'll see that there can be quite a few color options depending on your geographical location as well as the time of year.  Typically, pears can be found in all green; green with hints of red (and possibly some yellow); golden yellow; brownish yellow; and even all brown in color.  Regardless of the color (or even shape) of the pear, go on and pick them up when you can to fully enjoy the healing benefits from this powerful fruit.

Eating pears to lose weight

Adding pears to your life will help you to take control of your food cravings, preventing you from wanting to overeat (like their lovely fruit friend, the cranberry), allowing you to lose weight while giving you natural energy and feeding you with some hearty phytochemicals, trace minerals and amino acids for optimal health and wellness.  Crispy pears will be higher in fiber content whereas in their more ripe state, the softer, juicer pears will have higher levels of glucose for easier digestion. Enjoy your pears early in the day with or before your breakfast to help control your hunger all day long or else have them with your lunch or before dinner to keep you from overeating.

           My weight loss story

           My weight loss story

"This is for everyone who knows what it’s like to struggle with weight loss, heartburn, back pains, skin care, sleep and even mood swings."

-Scott Schroeder, How I Lost 20lbs in 7 Days