How's your chewing when you're eating?

Being mindful about your chewing to improve digestion (while promoting weight loss)

A topic covered by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in his book, How To Eat, chewing mindfully is a necessary aspect of eating for both proper digestion and nutrition (and assimilation) purposes.  With our allegedly fast paced lifestyle, some of us may have grown accustomed to disregard our chewing while we eat but this is truly no task that we want to skip out on.  When we chew our foods more fully, we promote for better digestion while we obtain those meant-to-be merry feelings of satisfaction from our meals and encourage natural weight loss from our bodies.  If we don’t chew right (and, in turn, digest our foods) we are left with masses of UNDIGESTED food particles that are dispersed throughout our bodies, making us feel and look bloated and/or pudgy.

Chewing our foods more (mindfully)

It’s a fairly simple thing to do, chewing, but it does require our conscious effort and attention to be done correctly.  Practice with your next meal and, see for yourself how much (more you actually ENJOY your food and how much) better you feel after your meal.

Here’s a quick & easy, 3-step check list to help (if need be):

  1. Before you begin to eat your next meal, take a brief moment to acknowledge what you are actually about to be doing (i.e. providing necessary nutrients and/or sustainability to your body and your self aka EATING)
  2. Once you’ve acknowledged and are ready, prepare for your first bite, bringing the food(s) to your mouth and, insert the food(s) in to your mouth and begin your chewing, mindfully chewing as much as you can prior to swallowing
  3. Swallow fully, take a second (or two) to enjoy the foods you’ve just received AND, repeat (step 2 followed by step 3 until all of your food is gone BUT, no rush!!)

And, it’s honestly as simple as that so go on and begin to reap the benefits of mindful chewing as you enjoy your foods all the more, improve your digestion AND simultaneously (and conveniently) encourage weight loss in a natural and efficient way.  As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like any additional help with losing weight, I am here for you.

My weight loss story

My weight loss story

"This is for everyone who knows what it’s like to struggle with weight loss, heartburn, back pains, skin care, sleep and even mood swings."

-Scott Schroeder, How I Lost 20lbs in 7 Days