Since when did cheating ever become OK?

Calling the cheat day for what it is, an utter disgrace to (and dismembering from) our very own selves


That's what she said

The idea for this article stemmed from a conversation I had while providing some natural weight loss consulting when the young lady who I was helping said to me that she "only cheated on the weekends."  Sure, we've all heard (and likely used) a somewhat similar phrase ourselves before but, when she told me that, my mind immediately drew attention to the exact words and I replied asking her, "so, to clarify, you only dishonor your self and fill your body with garbage two days each week?"  We both remained silent for a moment and I waited for her reply before speaking again.  After the words settled in with her accompanying thoughts, she mumbled something back along the lines of, "Wowww, I never thought of it like that." 

Conditioned to cheat but, does that make it OK?

The truth is, this is how a majority (if not all) of us have been trained to think, neglecting our own conscious mind and giving in to the subtle yet toxic temptations of the world.  And, for what?  Does cheating ever really provide us with any sort of feeling of satisfaction?  It should go without saying but, we all (should likely) know deep down that the answer is NO.  Cheating (read shoving garbage down our throats and in to our bodies) only makes us more unconscious and disconnects us further from the true feelings of joy and satisfaction that await us from within.  

Would you cheat on your spouse and/or significant other?

No, right?  Then, why would you cheat on your own self??  Does being malnourished provide any value to you or your life?  No, right?  And, let's not even try to give the excuse that the food we're cheating with tastes good because there are literally TONS of healthy foods that taste so much better and that actually provide nourishment for our bodies (see my Instagram feed for proof!!). 

Do you think your body wants to be cheated on? 

Take a moment to think about how you feel when you cheat on yourself with garbage foods.  Deep down, you do not and will not ever feel satisfied or happy about cheating.  As you pollute your body and cloud your mind from actual reality, the feelings of guilt will only fog your vision and keep you that much further away from reaching your true state of optimal health and well-being.  Nothing about eating bad and/or cheating does your body any good what-so-ever.  And, we know this to be true.  So, I ask you (to ask yourself), since when did cheating ever become OK? 

A call to consciousness

Similar to the message behind eating cranberries to help us refrain from overeating, this is a call to consciousness for all of us -- the next time we agree to cheat on our selves, let us first be mindful of what we are doing so that we can consciously make the decision and choose to either cheat or not cheat.  And, if we do choose to cheat, let's not beat our selves up about it (after all, the bad foods we are cheating with will do exactly that for/to us), instead let us just try and remain conscious while fully acknowledging our actions so that hopefully moving forward we will choose more righteously and opt to cheat less.

Are you a cheater, too?

Honestly, we all likely have been at one time or another.  If you need someone to talk to about cheating and becoming better at being mindful of your actions, I am here for you.  Write me a private message and let me know when's best for you to talk.  I am here to help.

My weight loss story

My weight loss story

"This is for everyone who knows what it’s like to struggle with weight loss, heartburn, back pains, skin care, sleep and even mood swings."

-Scott Schroeder, How I Lost 20lbs in 7 Days