Curbing your appetite (and losing weight) with cranberries 

Reach in to the fridge for your cranberry stash to help you lose weight while you naturally suppress your appetite 


First things first: If it ain't working, let's fix it!

Whether the summer months are on the distant horizon or not, we're talking weight loss and health goals big time these days.  With an estimated 1-in-3 Americans now considered medically obese, the world is clearly in need of some proper education about healthy eating habits and lifestyle practices in general. The diet pills, fad diets and bogus workout plans are evidently still not working (nor will they ever work as is).  This is a call to consciousness, if you are tired of being overweight and are ready to make a true change in your lifestyle, you and only you can take the first step!

Next, let's talk about overeating

As Dr. Bragg mentions in The Miracle of Fasting book, our eating behaviors are out of control.  From the moment we wake in the morning, we are ready for eating breakfast then snacks and more snacks prior to eating lunch then snacks and more snacks before eating dinner then snacks and yes some more snacks before making ready for sleeping.  And, as soon as we wake again, it will be time for MORE EATING again.  For the majority of us these days, our typical days (and corresponding bodies) are completely filled with eating and eating and more eating.  It's just what we've become accustomed to and, for a lot of us, eating is one of the only ways that we know how to get together and have a good time.  Unfortunately, we are overeating ourselves to sickness and ill health and, only we individually can become actually conscious of our actions and draw up the will power to make a CHANGE.

Now, back to losing weight and, the delicious taste (and healing powers) of cranberries

If you're serious about your health and want to begin to act consciously, start 1st by controlling your urges for eating.  Some people call it hunger but, honestly, it's just abundance and abuse.  With our typical eating habits (and body weight) as a whole, there is no way that we could actually know what hunger feels like.  If you want to know hunger, look to some of the less fortunate nations around our collective world that are starving for food and, actually hungry.  That's hunger, the dire need for an adequate amount of food to sustain and/or live by.  We know abundance and our minds have been trained to think hunger when we're actually just looking for a quick and easy escape from reaching consciousness by stuffing our face with more food.  As far as controlling your urges for hunger goes, the first step is to become CONSCIOUS.  Instead of reaching for that snack after you have your (hopefully fruit plate or dairy-free fruit smoothie for) breakfast, reach to your inner self and ask if you really want, much less need a snack.  The answer: NO, you don't and you'll be 100% fine just waiting for lunch time to eat.

Cranberries can and will help, too

In addition to becoming conscious, you can use some of the fruitful gifts from our beloved Mother Earth for a little extra help.  Start, with cranberries.  Include a hand or even bowl full with your breakfast -- you can toss them in to your fruit smoothie or pop them directly in to your mouth with your breakfast.  Cranberries are a true super-hero fruit that have many a healing benefits for our bodies but, let's stay focused on suppressing our appetites for this article and perhaps we can circle back and talk more about cranberries on a future dietary nutrition discussion.  Cranberries are known to be highly effective at curbing appetites (as are bananas and cherries for losing weight, too) and their taste alone generally makes us feel full and satisfied (and happy).  Again, try to start your day with a fresh batch of cranberries so that you can use your foods to suppress your appetite while you keep those so-called hunger pains coming from your mind at bay.  Consciously begin to reduce the amount of food that you take in with the help of cranberries and, watch as the weight begins to drop from your body.  Literally.

Any questions about the above or, weight loss in general?

I am at your service and here to help.  Previously living my life at ~280lbs and now currently under 180lbs in weight, I know personally about the struggles when it comes to losing weight and I want nothing more than to helps others to reach their health and weight loss goals.  I used 100% natural foods and efforts to transform my body and, you can, too.  Let me know how I can help you →  

My weight loss story

My weight loss story

"This is for everyone who knows what it’s like to struggle with weight loss, heartburn, back pains, skin care, sleep and even mood swings."

-Scott Schroeder, How I Lost 20lbs in 7 Days


*Updated May 28, 2017