Mashed pOpaya!

Organic papaya cut, sliced, scooped then mashed and sprinkled with a few papaya seeds on top


The Basics

  • Prep time 2 minutes 
  • Mash Time 2 minutes 
  • Servings 2-3


1 whole papaya (organic if available)


  1. Cut the papaya in half (down the center, from the top to the bottom)
  2. Spoon out the seeds and keep 3-5 seeds for eating (*can choose to keep the remaining seeds in your fridge for eating a few per day to CLEANSE your body of parasites OR you can discard them in your trash can)
  3. Slice the papaya starting from the outer edges of the skin, going all of the way around the papaya then slice the whole papaya into squares (about 1/2 of an inch X 1/2 of an inch in size) from top to bottom and left to right
  4. After papaya is fulled sliced in to squares, scoop the pieces into a big size bowl and either use a fork or the same spoon to mash the papaya up completely
  5. Once the papaya has been mashed completely, top with 3-4 papaya seeds, share and enjoy


For a little extra flavor and healing benefits (while also perhaps pleasing the tastes of those who have not yet developed a love for papaya), you can squeeze a little bit of lime or lemon juice on top of the mashed papaya before eating.  Papaya is full of nutritional benefits, their seeds included, so fill up on this amazing fruit when you can.  

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          My weight loss story →

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