Drink more water, lose more weight (while you hydrate and purify your body)

Suppressing your appetite, flushing your digestive system and hydrating your body with water


How to lose weight with water

Similar to eating cranberries or even bananas (or pears, or cherries or apples and really any of the other common household fruits that can be eaten for weight loss), drinking an adequate amount of water can and will help to suppress our appetite and promote weight loss for us. Water also helps to support in the digestion of the foods and beverages that we consume, keeping things flowing along their way throughout our entire digestive system and removing excess toxins and wastes from our body, hence causing us to naturally lose weight on the scale.  Additionally, water acts to hydrate our bodies and all of our adjoining body parts (and/or organs and cells) fully, helping us to function at our optimal levels in terms of digestion, assimilation, urination, defecation, perspiration and even detoxification.  While it is beneficial for weight loss, water is truly essential for the all around health and well-being of our bodies (and minds).  

Best times to drink water for weight loss

When looking to supplement your weight loss diet and otherwise increase the actual amount of weight that you are trying to lose, there are perhaps two times to note that are most important for drinking water.  The first most important time to drink water is upon rising in the morning, before having anything else what-so-ever added to your body, drink LOTS AND LOTS of water.  Drinking lots of water (ideally at least 1 liter but more if you can) as the first thing you consume upon waking will help to fully flush toxins and wastes from your body in a rather rapid manner.  Try and see for yourself how well this works but, again, water first before anything else so, don't have your coffee, tea, juice, breakfast or anything else until you've had your morning time dose of water as soon as you wake up.  In the video embedded below, David Wolfe shares a story about his own cousin who flushed an absurd amount of weight from his body with the help of him drinking a large amount of water in the morning.


The next, second most important time for you to drink water for added weight loss is before you begin to eat your meals, ideally at least 30 minutes prior to eating each meal as this will help you to achieve and maintain the feeling of being full while in essence curbing your appetite so that you do NOT overeat and otherwise disrupt your weight loss efforts.  As far as all other times to make note of regarding when to drink (as well as when not to drink) water, it should be noted that you should try and drink as much water as you can throughout each day, especially during those times of the day when your feelings of hunger seem to be rising as drinking water can and will help for you to naturally alleviate and satisfy any hunger pains that you may be experiencing.  As far as when not to drink water, you should try and refrain as best as you can from drinking water (and really any other beverages) while you are eating and, immediately after eating.  If had while eating or right after you eat, water (as well as all other liquid beverages) will only serve to saturate and weaken the effects of your digestive enzymes, putting a strain on your digestive system and making it harder for you to fully digest and flush your meals (this, of course, will work against you and your weight loss goals by reducing the amount of items flushed from your body).

How much water to drink for weight loss

Scientific studies reveal that our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water, making water a must have item for any person looking to naturally be as healthy as they can possibly be.  It has been reported that 50% of American adults don't drink an adequate amount of water on a daily basis while 25% of kids and teenagers don't drink any water at all (likely supplementing their fluid intake with sugar-ridden juices, energy drinks and other highly-marketed beverages that we're accustomed to seeing these days).  SAD (read Standard American Diet), but true.  But, exactly just how much water should we drink for being our most healthy and, do we need to drink more if we want to drink water to lose weight?  For each person individually, the necessary amount of water required for being optimally healthy is dependent on a few factors like specific age, weight, diet, climate and temperature conditions but SciShow goes over the basics of how much water is recommended for us to drink on a daily basis, noting that on average adult females should ideally consume 2.7 liters (aka 91 ounces) of water each day and adult males should drink slightly more with 3.7 liters (aka 125 ouces) of water ideally per day. With regards to drinking water to lose weight, truly drinking at least the specified amount in the above recommended range of daily water will help, especially if and when you drink your water at the two most important times that are explained above.

Have your daily dose of water and lose weight, too

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