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This smoothie list is bananas, B•A•N•A•N•A•S !! 🍌 🍌🍌

This smoothie list is bananas, B•A•N•A•N•A•S !!  🍌 🍌🍌

Featuring 10 banana based smoothie recipes hand-picked from the Green Blenders' compilation of 73 banana-friendly smoothies

Bananas are nutrition powerhouses

In addition to providing for the perfect texture of any smoothie and supporting those of us on set diets to either lose weight or gain weight, bananas are an excellent source of numerous amounts of healing nutrients like minerals (such as potassium, copper, selenium, magnesium, molybdenum and boron), vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and other phytonutrients.  Bananas are also full of fiber, water and pulp, too, aiding us in suppressing and satisfying our appetites.  And, as Anthony William of Medical Medium alludes to in his book Life-Changing Foods, bananas are one of Nature's gifts for our digestive system, even known to reverse bodily conditions like IBS, Crohn's Disease and Colitis.  Whether eaten raw from the peel, blended up in a smoothie, chopped with your kale or what-have-you, enjoy your bananas and the healing powers they pass along with their pleasurably unique taste and conveniently soothing digestive benefits.

The Kale Massage: Technique and Tactics

The Kale Massage: Technique and Tactics

Enhancing the flavor and nutritional value of kale by massaging it in water for a few minutes before eating it

Kale, a healing cruciferous vegetable

One of the almighty, cancer-killing (and thyroid-healing) cruciferous vegetables belonging to the Cruciferae family, kale is a popular compliment to many healthy recipes and accompanying meals.  Along with all of the other crucifers in the list of cruciferous vegetables, kale is a potent source of a number of powerful vitamins like vitamin A, B, C, E, and K.  Also known to be rich in the mineral, sulfur, all of the cruciferous vegetables like kale help to promote healthy lungs by stimulating lung tissue growth and regeneration as well as the recovery and restoration of lung scar tissue.  You can read Medical Medium's "Life-Changing Foods" for more scientific information about the nutritional makeup and healing powers of kale and its cruciferous vegetable companions.

Drink more water, lose more weight (while you hydrate and purify your body)

Drink more water, lose more weight (while you hydrate and purify your body)

Suppressing your appetite, flushing your digestive system and hydrating your body with water

How to lose weight with water

Similar to eating cranberries or even bananas (or pears, or cherries or apples and really any of the other common household fruits that can be eaten for weight loss), drinking an adequate amount of water can and will help to suppress our appetite and promote weight loss for us. Water also helps to support in the digestion of the foods and beverages that we consume, keeping things flowing along their way throughout our entire digestive system and removing excess toxins and wastes from our body, hence causing us to naturally lose weight on the scale.  Additionally, water acts to hydrate our bodies and all of our adjoining body parts (and/or organs and cells) fully, helping us to function at our optimal levels in terms of digestion, assimilation, urination, defecation, perspiration and even detoxification.  While it is beneficial for weight loss, water is truly essential for the all around health and well-being of our bodies (and minds).

Never a dull meal (with a diet that you can learn to love)

Never a dull meal (with a diet that you can learn to love)

A weight loss diet you never thought possible, until you try it

When you know what foods to eat that will help you to naturally lose weight while still appeasing to your taste buds, dieting becomes secondhand, like a way of life and/or lifestyle for you. If you find yourself trying to lose weight, jumping from one (fad) diet to the next without ever enjoying any of the foods that the diet prescribes much less seeing any real results from the diet, there's no need to lose faith or give up because you can and will lose weight once you learn what is good for YOU to eat (both in terms of being tasty for you as well as effective for helping you to lose weight).