Letting food be our medicine and letting medicine be our food

The story of how a Doctor diagnosed with MS chose nutrition and natural, plant-based healing over costly, Western medicine


Code blue: redefining the practice of medicine

What started out late 1995 as an MRI confirming diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) has since blossomed in to an awakening of the powers of plant-based nutrition on health, wellness and healing for Dr. Saray Stancic.  After about eight long years of battling with the suffering and pain accompanied by the burden of taking ineffective pharmaceutical drugs (and likely an unimaginable amount of frustration), Dr. Saray came across an article in a medical journal that shed some light on the possibility of managing MS with diet and/or nutrition.  At first doubtful in this new approach of "treatment" and even discouraged by her neurologist and physician peers, Dr. Saray decided to give this newfound approach a try and has since reaped the benefits of natural healing with whole food, plant-based lifestyle/diet.  Proving the powers of actual healing and effectiveness that a plant based diet offers, Dr. Saray went on to run her first marathon in May of 2010, something that not many MS patients (if any) are known to ever do and, now has her focus on better educating her patients, her colleagues and the future medical practitioners of our world about the reality behind natural, plant-based treatment and healing through diet and nutrition.  Dr. Saray Stancic is teamed up with SEAWATER Productions; a medical student, Saul Bautista; and expert physicians and scientists to produce the documentary, code blue, highlighting the inefficient practices of our current medical system while revealing the true solution with the help of whole food, plant-based lifestyle approach.  With an estimated 86% of physicians reporting that they never received adequate education on nutrition while in medical school, there is clearly a void in the curriculum that traditionally comes with the hefty PhD title.

Thomas Edison has been quoted as having once said that “the doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” The future is now. A new breed of physician will arise with a progressive enlightened perspective, a fresh set of eyes reflecting the fact that the secret to our health lies indisputably in our hands and not in a physician’s prescription pad.
-Dr. Saray Stancic in Doctor With MS Makes Film on Collapse of US Healthcare

About code blue

Set to be finished with production come 2018, code blue will (hopefully) be paving the way for the future of education and medicine so that our generations to come will revel in the prevention and actual healing from the laundry list of life threatening illnesses that our current world is afflicted with.  See more (and support) this dream-come-true that is in the works on the kickstarter page for code blue: redefining the practice of medicine →