Lunch, the all-time most important meal of the day for us

Examining the science (and biological reasoning) behind our meal times and why lunch is the most crucial time of the day to eat


First things first, let's debunk the tales about breakfast

Contrary to what the food industry publishers are paid to report, breakfast is definitely not (and should not ever be considered) the most important meal of the day.  If you're anything like us, the majority of human beings, take a moment to think about a typical morning for yourself and your body.  What's the first thing you usually do when you wake up, use the restroom, right?  Point being (and we'll go in to further detail about breakfast in a future article about dietary nutrition), your body does not want to be burdened with digesting loads of foods during the waking, morning hours as it is instead focused on flushing wastes from your body to prepare you for the full day ahead.  So, don't believe the nonsense that the bacon and egg (and high-cholesterol drug) pushers are soliciting, breakfast is a horrible time of day for you to eat heavy.  Period.

Why lunch time is literally the best time of day to have your most nutritious meal

An Overview of How digestion works

When we eat (actually even before we take our first bite), bile and other human digestive enzymes are secreted to prepare and support our bodies for digestion.  Our gallbladders works in part with our liver to "pump" the bile and digestive enzymes secreted throughout our intestines to properly break down our foods into their basic nutrient form (considering of course that you're eating actual whole foods and not processed garbage with the misnomer of "food" on it) as they pass through our digestive system.  Our bodies require and actually must have bile and digestive enzymes in order to digest the foods that we eat and, without an adequate amount of said bile and digestive enzymes on hand, our bodies are not capable of fully digesting the foods that we are eating (hence leading to our bodies and adjoining body parts and cells being malnourished with our corresponding minds feeling forever hungry, fueling the urge for us to eat more and more and more to the point of overeating).

Timing Your Eating for optimal digestion

  Our bodies are designed to naturally produce the most amount of readily available bile and juices (i.e. digestive enzymes) at midday, when the sun is at its peak, making for the proper alignment of our biological and circadian rhythms.  And so, accordingly, lunch time should be the most notable meal for us in terms of nutrition and size.  Just snacking, eating processed garbage or missing our lunch altogether at midday will lead to a large amount of digestive juices left stagnant within our digestive tract, causing the creation of gallstones and other rancid particles that will eventually need to be flushed and/or cleansed from our systems altogether (see The Miracle of Fasting and Andreas Mortiz's Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse for more info about naturally cleansing your body of toxic, disease causing substances).  From a biological (and otherwise scientifically known) standpoint, our gallbladder is timed and on schedule to release the maximum amount of bile for us to digest with at mid-day so try to remember to utilize these essential digestive juices during lunch time hours for maximum digestion and dietary nutrition purposes.  On the other hand, your body's actual capacity to digest foods is a lot lower during the morning and evening time hours so, again, be sure to focus your craving for eating around the lunch time hours (and eat light for your breakfast and dinner). In doing so, you will literally see and feel the effects of your entire body and mind feeling all the more satisfied and content in terms of satiety, digestibility, energy and productivity throughout the day. 

Using the lunch time dietary facts for weight loss

If you're trying to lose weight while you improve your digestion, the above aforementioned facts about human digestion and eating times can be your best friend for weight loss.  If you take heed to any of the nutritional information that's been published here and begin to eat your most nutritious meal at lunch time (while remembering to eat light meals for your breakfasts and dinners), you will naturally lose weight and seamlessly manage to keep it off.  No doubt about it as your body will be able to digest the (whole)foods that you take in for lunch while offering you satisfaction, curbing your feelings of hunger and the accompanying urges to overeat along with helping you to make the most out of the foods that you eat (leading to better digestion and otherwise reducing the amount of the undigested food particles dispersed throughout your body that make you feel bloated from within and look fat from the outside).  Plus, there's a whole list of specific foods (and dietary facts) that can be utilized to aid you with your weight loss, digestion and appetite control and, you can always contact me at anytime should you have any specific questions or need any help what-so-ever.

My weight loss story →

My weight loss story →

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